Yo, I’m Tunde! Welcome to my blog :)

I’m glad you could be here. Let me introduce ya!

For starters, this blog is not going to be any lifestyle this or fashion that. Instead, this little space on the internet, is going to serve as a collection of my thoughts and ideas that you never asked for (more like, never knew you needed 😉). Alongside that, I really enjoy writing – anything – so you might see some more creative things make an appearance every once in a while (short stories, for example). I really just wanted an area where I can dish out all my creativity and not have anyone tell me I used a grammar wrong, or didn’t punctuate a sentence. properly, or included too many emojis in one line. 😁🤓🤢💩👌🏾🕺🏾🙉

Perhaps the internet isn’t the best place for this. Everyone is a damn critic.

That aside, I enjoy baking, writing (obviously), coding, photography and films. My favourite colour is green. I like chicken.

That’s all pretty much surface level stuff isn’t it?
If you want to know more or just want to chat, contact me