Last week was my first week off work since Christmas. That’s a depressing thought. For almost seven months I’d been in the office for at least one day every week since January 2nd. I was tired, my bones were aching, all energy and aptitude for work had been drained. And so I delighted at the beckoning prospect of my week off.

But I swapped all the restful, pyjama wearing, binge watching days of Netflix for a much greater cause:


The holiday had been planned way in advance. I knew I wouldn’t be enjoying a shameless week of Stranger Things on demand. Instead, I traded in those lazy duvet days for Hillsong Conference Europe.

The conference exists “to champion the cause of the local church”, equipping everybody with fresh perspective, bold confidence and renewed strength in Christ. All this took place at The O2 Arena in London.

I knew the week was going to be significant. I could just hear the whispers of God commanding breakthrough and promise into those 5 days spent at The O2. And as usual, God did not disappoint. He did the exact opposite:

God helped me overcome one of my greatest fears.
God sowed in me a great desire to help those in need.
God helped me to engage with worship in a way I’ve never done before
God helped me to realise my potential
God seasoned grace and truth on some of my biggest dreams

The whole theme of the conference was “There Is More”.
I am so excited to see what more God is going to do in my life.

On the last night, over 17,000 of us shouted these lyrics. It was a incredible sound, something I won’t quickly forget. But to know that even after an amazing, awe-filled, praise-worthy week such as this that “There Is More”

… I can’t even put it into words.

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