Everyone has goals. People dream of achieving things all the time. In general, my dreams are fairly modest, nothing too crazy. Although, I believe I’m being challenged by God to dream bigger.

I was reading over some discarded posts that I had saved from my old Tumblr blog, and honestly, that corner of the World Wide Web was to say the least, confused. I didn’t really know what to say to Tumblr. As it would turn out, no one on Tumblr really wanted to find out either. With the posts I shared back then, I would always try so hard to write something that was interesting or funny, but my style consistently fell on deaf ears.

In more ways than one, it was all my fault. Tumblr is not the platform to share my thoughts on the latest Star Wars film, my obsession with chocolate digestive biscuits or even that story of when I overcame a personal fear. Some may argue that this feel-good, anecdotal, “happy sappy” doesn’t belong on WordPress either.

“WordPress is the place for serious blogs.”
“Ain’t no one got time for your jokes here.”
“Haven’t you heard of Blogger?” *Walks away and chuckles connivingly whilst rubbing hands.*

Okay then. You do you, I’m gonna do me.

I’ve got big dreams for this blog. Over the various years of blogging and writing, I’ve learned some things – stuff which worked and stuff which didn’t. But most importantly, I’ve learned that this is something I really, really enjoy doing. The likes and the comments and everything else are all peripheral to the little buzz I get whenever I hit that publish button. It’s like I’ve finally found the confidence to write whatever and not care what people think.
I guess at the end of this my point is, to not let something as insignificant as someone else’s opinion, get in the way of what you want to achieve.

Woah, I’m preachin’.

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