What’s your favourite place, near or far?

This is one of the first places that comes to mind, even though I’ve only been there once.

I couldn’t name it at first, but I remembered. I was there, walking with friends and we watched the sunset. Not only were the surroundings beautiful, but the reason for the walk was just as good. We were university students and despite all the drama, stress and never-ending late nights, had submitted our dissertations just hours before. So we decided to celebrate as if the exams and coursework deadlines that were just weeks away, didn’t exist. I know it’s not the most typical thing to do when commemorating a dissertation submission at university:

“Yay, we completed our dissos!”
“Awesome! Hey, let’s take a walk!”

But being surrounded by friends, away from the perils of Microsoft Word and just being able to clear your head after months of turmoil was exactly what needed to happen that evening.

@Devil’s Punchbowl – Hindhead, Surrey

hindhead - 1

hindhead - 2

hindhead - 3

hindhead - 4

hindhead - 5

hindhead - 6
This was the best view I could get of the sunset. It happened so quickly, I almost missed it. But on the horizon, you can just about see the last little glimmer of the sun. That said and especially seeing how I didn’t use my proper camera, this shot still came out pretty clean. #ShotoniPhone
hindhead - 7
In the middle-right of the picture, you can see a large patch of green suspiciously resembling a road. That patch actually used to be the A3 dual-carriageway, which’ll take you through Surrey and into London. It was abandoned some years ago and the new A3 runs underneath a few feet from where we were standing.

hindhead - 10

hindhead - 8

via Photo Challenge: Favorite Place

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