January 1st 2018.

It’s so easy right now for me to make a list of goals and things I want to achieve this year.
But what’s the point?
Why waste the time making something that’s not even going to matter in three weeks time?
I can’t guess the future.
I don’t know what’s going to happen throughout the year ahead.
So I guess I’ll just take 2018 in my stride and ‘see what happens?’

Um, no.

I can’t just take a whole 365 days in my stride either.
So what is left to do?
Instead of making lists, or coasting, you’ll find me working:
Actively doing a series of productive tasks to reach those dreams I had back when I was a kid.
Man, when I was a kid, I was pumping.
I possessed endless energy enabling me to do anything endlessly.
Sure, things may be relatively cosy now but that’s my issue.
Out of discomfort, comes the real rewards, strength and eventually, joy.

But before I get too caught up in all my deep thoughts and desires,
I have to remember others.
And remember love.

If the previous year has taught me anything, it’s that nothing meaningful is going to be achieved without others and without love.

“Let love be your highest goal…”   1 Corinthians 14:1

Happy New Year! 🎉🙌🏾🕺🏾

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