Let me geek out for a moment. I know it’s uncomfortable for everybody (even me) and no one likes it, but please allow me to steal just 2 minutes, 43 seconds of your time to tell you about this new app I’ve started using. (Android users, feel free to get your nerd fix elsewhere. This app is only available for iOS & Mac.)

I enjoy taking notes. I like writing a lot, so taking notes for me can almost be considered a pastime. I often find a creative expression amongst things that don’t even need to be expressed in any way: school notes, work notes, recipes, to do lists. If I’m writing something, I may as well make it entertaining to read back on later. With that, the tool I use to make these notes has also got to grab my attention. It got to a point a few weeks ago where the default notes app on my Mac and Onenote weren’t doing that. So I made a switch.

I decided to go for something new.

After a quick Google search entitled ‘best notes apps for iPhone’ I came across Bear. Bear is not an app for analysing different breeds of animals by the same name. Bear is not an app where you go on dates with scantily clad individuals. Bear is an app that is simply designed for taking notes and it does it so well.

For starters, the interface is clinical. Squeaky clean. I can write my notes without being distracted by flashy buttons and purple ribbons. But it’s not so clean, that it makes me feel as if I can’t write anything for fear of making the page dirty. It also features a completely unique way of organising your notes. You use the # symbol to add a tag to your note. Then, all notes with the same tag are grouped together – essentially like folders but a lot more versatile. I like that.

Another thing I really like is how I can change the design of the page. I can customise fonts, margins and background colours to name a few. For someone who spends a lot of time in front of the computer, changing the background of my notes app from a harsh white, to a creamy yellow hue is going to save my eyesight. I can also write code formatted as code. This has been my heart’s desire since I learned how to write ‘Hello, World!’ in Java. I like that. You also get estimated reading times for every note you write. I like that too.

In fact, I like everything about it. Apart from the fact it costs money to have your notes synced across all your devices. About £13 a year. But, it’s a price I’m willing to pay. If £13 a year is going to make me more productive, so be it. If £13 a year is going to keep my face in front of a screen instead of embracing my beautiful natural surroundings then make it so. I have chosen my path. Perhaps you will follow too…

Unless you’re on Android or Windows. In which case I guess you can enjoy Evernote?
<Rubs hands and chuckles in dastardly fashion>

*This is not a paid for promotion.

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