Everything is a distraction.
I’m talking about all those little things that are peripheral to the things that really matter.
Things which are peripheral include Facebook, your favourite Netflix show and even this blog.
Things that really matter are your family, friends, your health and faith.
Don’t worry I’m not judging.
I am in no better place.

Who doesn’t want to look at pictures of our best friends that represent a seemingly delightful, joyous life.
Especially when you look around and find no such delight in your own.
But how different this world could be, if we focussed on what we allowed ourselves to be distracted from.
If we invested time into those things that matter.
How better the relationships in our families could be, if we actually sat around the dinner table and talked, rather than sit round a television and watch another family show us how to behave.
How much more could we trust our friends, if our primary method of communication wasn’t just tagging each other in memes.
How healthier our bodies could be, if we started making the changes we promised ourselves long ago.
How much stronger our faith could be, if we once and for all put God first.

But my family are so annoying. Everyone is always shouting!
But my friends don’t talk to me. They must not really care anymore.
But I’m not even sick. In fact, I haven’t been ill for months.
But God is so silent. How can I know He is really still there?

Don’t worry I’m not judging.
I am in no better place.

I’m just saying that, personally,
If I didn’t let myself get so easily distracted, my reality would suffer from a welcome change.

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