Dad has already warned me about posting sensitive, personal material on this blog (hence why I didn’t put his picture as the featured image for this post), so I will keep this as vague and brief as my creativity allows. Today is a significant day for my father and it just so happens on the same day last year we celebrated the same significance and the year before that and the year before that, as well as every August 15th for the past 61 years.

With each passing year his wisdom becomes more relevant as we both grow older. I see the world more as he sees it. My Dad has always encouraged me to be myself and not to be ashamed of it. In our local church, his ‘Amen’ is the loudest, on purpose. Other people may find it off-putting, but he only does it out of his own convictions – which he is not ashamed of. Whenever we go out to eat food, if the service is below his standard, he will make his opinion known – which he is not ashamed of. If we’re watching TV and a scene comes on with two people kissing, he will always change the channel – which he is not ashamed of. Dad is a strong man. A good man to build myself on.

He always tells me never to lose my faith.
He always laughs at my bad jokes.
He always welcomes my mistakes.
He always works hard to provide for me.

Happy Annual Day of Significance, Dad.

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