You know you’re a grown ass man when you fully well understand that Santa Father Nick Christmas Claus is a figment of someone’s imagination (and cocaine addiction). He is not real. For me this was realised yet again last year when my Dad told me to wrap up my own present. ”You know what it is anyway,” he shrugged. Do I now act surprised on Christmas Day? I was so confused…

Further evidence supporting my claims comes from common sense. Reindeer cannot fly. And even if they could that doesn’t mean they’d be able to travel around the entire world, across every time-zone, carrying presents for every person, whilst pulling along a fat man with a fake beard all in one, long night. I used to think on this right from my child years. But even I’ve got to admit I still believed it for a bit. Because it was comforting and familiar and cool. I would always go to bed early so he would visit, wake up early and be the first to run downstairs and open presents. It was always better when you didn’t know what you were gonna get. At least then you could cover disappointment, with shock. can’t believe you would actually get me this? You really shouldn’t have… at all.

I’m totally for giving round this time of year, but with that knowledge – Santa is not real – what are we really celebrating Christmas for? Is it just an excuse for a few days off work? I’m not here to judge or give a historical account on the origins of December 25th (even I don’t fully know). This is just my opinion, but I’ve chosen to believe Christmas is about Jesus and his birth. Personally, how could I not? After all of my experiences in life, His sacrifice, the leverage He’s given me to grow… If I’m gonna choose between two things people widely believe/don’t this time of year, I’m going for what is actually real. The Son of God.

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