About a month ago, Facebook joined Snapchat in the list of social media apps deleted from my phone. It was a carefully considered decision. In fact I probably spent too much time deliberating the idea, but eventually I came to the conclusion that it just had to be done. Reason being that Facebook was taking over my life. I would be in the library and instead of studying Caesar Ciphers, I would be studying the number of likes on my latest post. Following that I’d begin a discussion on a UNILAD video, then to finish it off, I’d conduct a critical analysis of a post I’d been tagged in by commenting ‘HAHAHAHAHA’ – without actually laughing. I may as well have been throwing my £9000 tuition fee down a toilet.

Thankfully, I got myself out of that situation. Since, I’ve been okay. In the beginning it was a little tricky, trying to find out what I could do with my phone now my most used app was gone. (I discovered this cool feature where you type a number of a friend into a dialer, press a green button, then – if you’re lucky – you can actually hear their voice on the other end!) A lot of the time, and even still now I find myself on Instagram and Tumblr. Seeing as Insta’s just pictures and with Tumblr I have a limited attention span to read every single blog post on my dashboard, I’m not on my phone as much.

That’s a lie.

There’s another app which is jeopardising my degree. This one is called WhatsApp. I’ve calculated, with every single WhatsApp notification, my concentration levels decrease by over 189%. Even when my phone is on do not disturb mode, I still pick it up, with the only aim to be disturbed. It literally makes no sense. I put it on airplane mode, I take it off one hour later. I switch it off, I switch it back on. WhatsApp is just all kinds of crazy addiction for me. But the real issue is that it’s almost necessary. I need it to stay updated with other things I’ve got to do. I’m part of so many groups that do so many different things, it’s unreal. If I don’t stay updated on all of them, I’ll miss out on some important stuff.

That’s fine, I get it, relax… But you haven’t explained why you deleted Snapchat.’ Snapchat started off as more of the same. It was deleted way before Facebook. But I had a big problem with Snapchat when they updated their Discover feature. No offense, but I have never, ever wanted to ‘Discover’ anything ever about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and Taylor Swift getting in a bed and taking some pictures. Ever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big, secret TayTay fan, but I’ll be a big, secret TayTay fan on my terms when I want to be. When Snapchat became an unhealthy mix of my friends’ post (which I would genuinely enjoy) and mind numbing stories about sex and celebrities I just had to tap that delete button. That and it was a massive battery drain.

Maybe you’re just like me: a student trying to do their best in their final year of studies at university, maybe not. Whoever you are I challenge you to delete at least one social media app from your phone. Doesn’t have to be forever. For me, it’s actually refreshing only checking Facebook on my laptop. Now I can post something, forget about it, and check the likes later. That aside, it’s actually nicer talking to people on the phone, or even seeing them face-to-face rather than just sending another message on a screen.

I’ve got so much more to say than a bubble of text could ever allow…

Only to be ‘seen’
And ignored
For eternity

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