Every now and again a TV show comes along that just makes you forget about reality. Challenges the very nature of what you thought was possible on a screen in 45 minutes. And forces you to succumb to the truth that anything you spend any of your time doing will pale in comparison to the sheer magnificence of what you have witnessed on your tiny 13 inch MacBook Pro. Over the cause of my life this has happened to me many times. You might attribute that to a lack of girlfriends, but no show has had me hooked quite like The Flash. What follows is a review (which does contain spoilers).

After such a gushy intro, you may be surprised to learn that I wasn’t always a fan of The Flash. One bored evening during summer I just decided to switch it on. I watched the first episode and I couldn’t stop laughing throughout. Not because it was funny, but because it was stupid and corny and pathetic. I hadn’t read the comics or seen the original series or had anything to do with the franchise beforehand so perhaps I wasn’t the best judge of character, but I hated the casting of Barry. He just seemed goofy. Don’t get me wrong, I get the whole nerdy geek thing. I embody the whole nerdy geek thing on a daily basis. But this was too much. The 44 minutes of the pilot helped me to decide that this was a series I would never enjoy. And yet, immediately after watching that, I continued to watch episode 2. And now I struggle to find the words to explain why. I guess I was intrigued to find out how much worse the show could get.

But every subsequent episode proved me wrong. In fact, I began to like Grant Gustin as Barry Allen more and more. In doing so, I began to like the other characters more and more. It wasn’t long before I actually started to like the show. The story more than anything, was completely compelling. Like when I found out Ronnie was still alive and could transform into a flying fire freak, I was just like ‘Wow, cool!’ Or when I learned that Harrison Wells was actually The Man In Yellow I felt like passing out – I was in so much shock! And to top it all off when I saw that Cisco could have visions – I kid you not – I had an urge to give all my life savings to the writers and producers of the show. Then I remembered I have no life savings. That’s just how much this show will mess with your mind! And that my friends was just season one. Not even all the good bits.

Season two on the other hand was good from the word go… I’ll be honest with you. I’m not in a place right now to discuss it. I just finished watching the season finale and… I’m a little bit fragile. It’ll take a while for me to come to terms with the events that have unfolded, but know this. Your hand will develop a natural groove for the shape of your mouth. The amount of times I gasped and covered my lips with the palm of my hands is actually unbelievable. Do not even start me on the season’s villain: Zoom. It has been a while since evil has appeared on screen and, admittedly, frightened me. But then again, I get scared when loud music plays on the radio.

The thing I love about the show so much is just how it changes the dynamic of your standard action TV series. Nobody is safe. Even when they are saved they are not safe. I don’t even feel safe. Let me explain. I’m pleased that Joe West has yet to die after he’s been captured so many times, truly I am. But how my heart would’ve been spared if the black guy actually did die first! Pretty sure I’m one episode away from a heart attack. But that’s when you know its good television. When it has you on the brink of a breakdown and the edge of your seat.

Now I wait for season three.

As I do, I should probably resume this little project for university called my dissertation. And call my mum. It’s been a while.

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