My greatest enemy is myself
Detrimental to my health
Always fretting about grades, looks and wealth

There is no respite, from this my chosen way to live my life

Sunday’s sermon is telling me, God’s got you – don’t worry
But to worry is my story
It feels like my destiny
In fact it’s my identity
I express nothing but uncertainty
At a future laid before me, surely filled with prosperity?

At least that’s what I’m told – the ideal that’s sold
But I don’t see it. I can’t see it. It’s repeated day after day, in verse after verse, by person after person with grace after grace after grace after grace after grace
I’m oblivious to the reality of the glory being revealed to me and what that means in this life and the next

Pause. It’s a vision I see Something so Heavenly:
My cause, being and situation may not be so complex

Overthinking is the game
The Devil is the player’s name
But Jesus is the name above every other name
With Him my mind will tame
This life will never be the same
To Him I’ll give all the fame
And He will break this pattern of thought again

My prayer.

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