A lot of people say French is the language of love. Personally, I pronounce French as H-T-M-L. HTML is the markup language used to create pretty much every single webpage ever in existence. And I love it. Without it, you wouldn’t even be able to see the letters on your screen right now. However, it’s not the only coding language I’m obsessed with. There’s C# (da curves on dem curly brackets doe {} ), Ruby (dazzling many with her many gems) and CSS (oh, but so sassy!) Correct, I am a geek. But before you hit the big, red X in the corner of your browser window, let me explain – coding is just one of many interests.

Something a little less nerdy would be taking pictures. I’ve got a pretty standard camera: nice, compact, mirrorless Canon DSLR. Photos are crisp, focus is sharp; there’s not much to complain about. But taking pictures is one thing, editing them is something else. I’ll be honest, this is only a side-side hobby, so my editing software isn’t any flashy Adobe this or Aperture that, instead it’s just the stock built into my Mac, Photos. For those carefully crafted Instas (you know, before the filter) it does the job. I can try to make it out like I really know what I’m doing but ‘Auto Mode’ on both camera and editor are currently my best friends.

Venturing out is something I need to work on. Take baking for example. The last 3-4 bakes I’ve done have been brownies with the same three base ingredients: eggs, flour and the secret one. They taste incredible, however, for me it’s getting a bit samey. I could literally make anything, but I always go for the same old, same old. Maybe because I know it’s safe and people will enjoy it. Maybe it’s because I’m fully aware anything else will end up like my year 8 food tech cheesecake – on the floor. Or maybe it’s just because I don’t trust my own ability.

That would also be true for writing. I’ve been writing a book for the past 6 years, 3 months and a week (exactly, to the day) and I haven’t finished it. Sometimes I don’t want to finish it. I just wish I could literally cut my head open and smear all the brain matter onto my keyboard, into a 200 page word document and be done with it. But it’s not that simple. Writing this book is difficult. Writer’s block is the major hindrance. I know the scenes I want to include, but linking them always takes an age. There is no plan. I have a rough idea don’t get me wrong and I’m keeping track of everything going on in a separate document, but sometimes it just seems like a little more effort than it’s worth. What am I writing this for? Who am I writing this for? Why is this still even a thing?

But I’ve got to remind myself, I actually enjoy this method of expression. This book isn’t based on my life – in fact it’s an outlandish exaggeration of a reality I’d like to experience one day – yet it still feels relevant to me. In both content and process, I’ve seen vague traces of my identity. Some added on purpose, a lot not. But what an awesome thing that would be to have little pieces of me living on someone’s bookshelf or iPad one day. Until then, I’ve got this, the blog. Serving as an outlet for everything else I want to write. Hopefully I haven’t ever weirded you out, or bored or offended you with these many musings. This is just an outlet. And one of my favourite pastimes.

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