Last weekend, I went to see the new Star Wars film. I’ll be honest though, I was just there for the hype. I’ve never seen any of the previous six films, apart from Episode III where I dipped in and out of sleep. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy it, in fact I felt like I was wasting my time when I was pre-booking tickets. Alas I went in with a total open mind.

I’m not completely stupid when it comes to Star Wars though. I know that they filmed the last three films first and the first three films last (from the original series’), that everyone thought Episode I sucked and people were scared this new film was going to feature Mickey Mouse or Elsa from Frozen. The main reason I hadn’t seen the other films is because I have a very short attention span and tolerance when it comes to anything sci-fi. Doctor Who, fine. I can handle a 45 minute episode once a week for 10 weeks. But six 2.5 hour films? It’s just not happening; not if Interstellar was anything to go by. One hour into that and it felt like I was just watching shapes and colours on a screen.

Anyway, back to Star Wars. I loved it. Against all expectations I was hooked within the first 10 minutes. Something about that ‘evil spaceship’ (sorry fans) landing on that robot’s home planet and killing everyone just sucked me straight in. I was invested to see justice. And then of course, there was that black guy. First of all, he didn’t die first and secondly, despite portraying almost every single Hollywood stereotype throughout, it felt like you’d been watching him right from Episode I (lol, what would I know?) And then of course, there was that white girl. The main two new characters to get people like me – Star Wars virgins – interested in the franchise. Because let’s be honest, if it was just people from the older films why would I go see it? They’d done a good job making sure people who hadn’t seen the previous films didn’t feel too left out.

A few battles, jokes, reunions and spaceship flying sessions later and we learn that white girl, got the force. Darth Vader (but not Vader, sorry fans. In fact let’s just call him Darth Handsome because he looked too polished to be evil – keep the mask on and that’s perfect 👌🏾). Anyway, he tried to get Rey (white girl) to give him some information regarding Luke Skywalker’s whereabouts but he couldn’t get it, cos the force was too strong with this one! This was where I really started to get into it.


Maybe a little too into it. But that’s when I know I’m enjoying a film; when it feels like I’m in their world, no matter how far far far away that may seem. I guess with that, I was already fearing for Han Solo’s life when he started walking on that bridge to meet his son, Darth Handsome. (I had to get my cousin to clear up the family tree later on, I just went along with it.) I hate it when evil kills and that’s exactly what happened here. Darth Handsome plunged his lightsaber through Han’s chest and Han consequently fell to his death. I gasped. Even never having seen Harrison Ford play Han Solo before, it felt like the whole weight of the franchise had just been thrown onto my shoulders. Now I wanted to see Darth Handsome, get killed. Even more so after he hurt my black friend. Alas, I’ll have to wait for that justice.

I left the cinema a changed man. It felt like my mind had willingly self-combusted itself as it gazed upon the ending credits in the amazement of what it’d just witnessed. As I told my friends about how much I enjoyed it, I knew the only thing left to do was watch the previous six (in the correct order). It’s time to break out the popcorn once again and pull off an all nighter Star Wars marathon. It’s the only way to properly see in this New Hope which has awakened inside of me.

A New Hope.

That should be the title of the next film.

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